The Hague Highlights

Lights out, spotlight on! From Wednesday 24 January to Saturday 10 February 2024 from 5 till 10 PM every Wednesday till Saturday The Hague Highlights will put museum Escher in The Palace in The Hague’s Museum Quarter in the spotlights. Attempt the Absurd, Achieve the Impossible is one of the statements of the graphic artist M.C. Escher and at the same time an invitation to talented creators, video artists and other graphic artists . This year it is not only one artist who gets to enchant the façade with light art, there are hundreds of them!

Attempt the Absurd

1 minute of fame

15 artists have the opportunity to each create a one-minute animation, which will be projected onto the façade of Escher in Het Paleis. They have been inspired by the architecture and theme of the building. They brought it to life with their artistry and have interpreted Attempt the Absurd’. Attempt the Absurd is guided by music by Roy Griekspoor. 

Curious for the 15 makers and their inspiration? Read more here


Kleur de Stad

Your colouring page on the museum

They were in schools, in libraries, at supermarkets. From Monday 6 November, colouring pages with only the edges of Escher in The Palace on them were available everywhere in The Hague. What is happening in your museum? What story does your drawing tell? Do you live there? Has the palace been taken over by aliens or is everything upside down? We are curious about your imagination and fantastic ideas. Hundreds of colouring pages were submitted, of which more than 150 were selected to be projected on Escher in The Palace!

Wondering when your colouring page will be next? View the layout here.


Boutique Hotel De Salon van Fagel

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van Fagel during The Hague Highlights

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Boutique Hotel De Salon van Fagel

Boutique Hotel De Salon van Fagelis a partner of the Hague Highlights again! At the historical and Royal street Noordeind, in the heart of the Hague, this boutique hotel is a place where charm and elegance come together. Enter through the mysterious front door and discover the secret wonderland with 18 elegant and comfortable rooms and suites. Let the monumental building enchant you with a sprinkle of Alice in Wonderland, the unique character and the fascinating history that goes back to 1701. Are you traveling to the Hague for the Hague Highlights and do you also want to stay overnight in the city? During the Hague Highlights you can go to Boutique Hotel Salon de Fagel with a 15% discount! How to get the discount? Very simple: book your stay between 24 January and 10 February, and write the discount code ‘THHL15’ in the comment section. Have fun!
Did you submit a drawing for The Hague Highlights? Then you have a chance to win a free stay in this special hotel!

JAZZ Coffee & Wines

Visitors to The Hague Highlights will receive a 10% korting
on all lunch dishes from Wednesday, January 24
to Saturday, February 10, 2024.

10% discount

JAZZ Coffee & Wines

At JAZZ Coffee & Wines you can enjoy the tastiest coffee, fantastic wines and delicious dishes. JAZZ is located very close to Paleis Noordeinde in the historic center of The Hague. On the menu you will find dishes with a wide range of flavors, inspired by French and Mediterranean cuisine. Every Thursday evening (7:30 PM - 9:30 PM) and Sunday afternoon (3:30 PM - 5:30 PM) you can enjoy live jazz music. Wine tastings are also organized regularly. JAZZ receives groups of up to 100 people. Reservations can be made at Visitors from The Hague Highlights will receive a 10% discount on all lunch dishes from Wednesday, January 24 to Saturday, February 10, 2024. Please mention the discount code KleurDeStad when making your reservation.


JUST is a strategic communications and design agency
with a strong focus on digital work. Do you want to know more about JUST?
Visit the website!


JUST, a The Hague strategic communications and design agency with a strong focus on digital work, is a partner of The Hague Highlights this year. The team designs and builds brand identities, websites, apps and installations for brands that add something to society. Simplicity is in their nature. Remove what is unnecessary so that the essence remains. Ensuring that something sticks by making it substantive. They don't believe that doing good work is a coincidence. That is why they always work according to a fixed process and clear schedules and we develop almost everything in-house. Would you like to know more about JUST? Then visit the website!


During The Hague Highlights they offer a special cocktail inspired by The Hague Highlights.  You get a 10% discount on an evening at Ultramarijn!

10% discount


What was once discovered on a dingy treasure map, can now be found in a two-story gastrobar behind the dunes of Scheveningen. Designed like a steampunk adventure inside the city of The Hague, we welcome you to our Captain’s home, where you can get coffee or cocktails, breakfast or bites. On our menu you can find cocktails from many different directions: go to Ultramarijn and explore a world of cocktails at it best! During The Hague Highlights, you can order a special cocktail, inspired by this light events and you get a 10% discount on an evening at Ultramarijn if you book with this special link.

Den Haag Centraal Station

The station is connected to the city and the city is connected to the station.So, viewing light art, during The Hague Highlights, starts at The Hague Central Station.

Den Haag Central Station

Viewing light art station at The Hague Central Station. The Hague Central Station is this year a partner of The Hague Highlights. The station is not only a place to travel through, but it is also a starting point and a nice place to be. The station is connected to the city and the city is connected to the station. So, viewing light art, during The Hague Highlights, starts at The Hague Central Station.


Escher & Bach

Do you want to enjoy even móre Escher and even móre light art next to The Hague Highlights? Then go to Escher & Bach on Saturday 10 February, the last night of THHL! Maurits Escher, the famous graphic artist who was born 125 years ago, had a big passion for music, specifically the (organ) music by Johan Sebastian Bach. Escher & Bach is a multidisciplinary show where the live and work of Escher and Bach come together in a spectacular way with music, light art and theatre. Organ works by Bach, performed on the imposing organ of the Kloosterkerk by organ player Geerten van de Wetering, will be alternated with theatrical performances in which actor Aus Greidanus builds bridges between Bach’s music and the life and work of Escher. The light art duo David Schoch & Jeroen Alexander Meijer will show new light art with the music by Bach, in which the audiences is taken on a journey through repetition, perspective and show, important elements in the work of Escher. Click hier for more information and tickets.

About The Hague Highlights

The Hague Highlights is organised
by Spinner & Langkous & Mr. Beam and is
made possible by the Municipality of The Hague
and the Museumkwartier among others.
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