The vision of The Hague Highlights

The Hague’s spotlight stories

The city of The Hague has a rich history. The Binnenhof and the district surrounding it (Museumkwartier) bring us a wealth of stories (tucked away) asking to be told. We believe one of the best options to share those stories in a fun, accessible, attractive and languageless way, is to use light and projection. The Hague Highlights is by no means copying the light festivals hosted by Amsterdam or Eindhoven, but rather in its unique style, it is revealing stories about The Hague’s icons, in a way beautifully representing the city itself.

Positioning: What is making THHL unique?

The Hague Highlights’ mission is to spotlight The Hague’s best-known but also less familiar sides using light, projections, installations, art, performances etc. The Hague Highlights is unlike any other light festivals held in the Netherlands because we want to tell the city’s iconic as well as hidden stories with light. The link between place and content is unique.